About me

Hi there, I'm Roy, and I'm currently a grad student in Computer Science.
This little website is my medium to create and publish my thoughts, ideas, and anything else which piques my curiosity.
I hope you enjoy it!

β€πŸŽ“ Research

I am a final-year grad student at BGU, at The Interdisciplinary Computational Vision Lab (ICVL).
My research focuses on creating a 3D puzzle solver with aspects of archaeology.

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» Software developer

I started my Bachelor's in Computer Science during my high school years and started my military duty after that.
During the first few years, I worked as a full stack software developer, learning the profession's ins and outs while developing a deep interest in the field.
Due to my growing interest, I decided to start grad school in Computer Science as well.
During the last two years of my service, I was working as a team lead.

πŸ“ Novice content creator

I created this blog as a means to start my journey of creating and sharing content.
I hope this journey will help me clear my thoughts and communicate a wide variety of topics in a simple and enjoyable manner to anyone who stumbles upon it.